Final Video


For my final video project, I did an introduction video. This project was filmed with an iPad kit, a mini tripod, and an external microphone. I used Adobe Premiere CC to edit the video on an iMac desktop. In the video, I spoke about what I am studying in school, what I see myself doing in the future, and about my involvement on campus.



The music used in this video is titled “Change the Game” by Killer Tracks.


Shot List:

0:00Shot 1 – Main Title Slide

0 : 06 Shot 2 – Sitting on couch

0: 19 Shot 3 – Crawl slide

0 : 32 Shot 4 – Shot of class

0 : 39 Shot 6 – Sitting on couch

0 : 45 Shot 7 – Shot of computer work

0 : 56 Shot 8 – Sitting on couch

1 : 11 Shot 9 – Fade into Final Credits


Required Applications and Gear:

Used Adobe Premiere Pro Creative, iPad kit, tripod and external microphones, and iMac desktop for editing video.





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